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#2 Skateparks and the Studio: Noisy

Get ready for big beats and blasting bars overflowing with bedlam. Noisy are here. Singer/rapper Cody, guitarist Connor and producer-guitarist Spencer are pushing boundaries with their newest single 'Oi (ATM)' - a gritty rival to the likes of Slowthai. With an EP and new single already under their belt, 2020 is set to be a big year for the Worthing trio.

"We all rely on being in the room together and feeding off each others energy."

How did the three of you meet?

Through hanging down the skatepark and mutual friends when we were young, don’t think we’ve ever been friends and not played music together.

From following the project since its launch in September, NOISY has come a long way. What's been the highlight?

Probably selling out our first headline show in London. That felt like a big moment for us. Had all of our friends, family and team down. Was a late night to say the least haha.

What's Your Songwriting/Producing Process? 

Usually Spence will come up with a beat and then i’ll (Cody) write some bars/ a melody over it, then we all work on piecing it together. If it doesn’t feel good in the first hour of working on it we usually move on. I feel like you can tell if you’ve got something special pretty instantly. We all rely on being in the room together and feeding off each others energy.

What's the craziest thing that's happened at a show/tour?

We haven’t really done enough shows/touring to experience much crazy shit yet. But finding out we were supporting Catfish at like 5pm the night before was pretty mental. We didn’t even have a set sorted so drove to London bare early and put one together. The show was dope.

If you was only able to play only one festival a year, what would be your choice?

Fuck, that’s a hard question. Think its gotta be Reading & Leeds though, not only is it an iconic festival, you get to play 2 crazy shows. Although Boomtown is like the place to be, lost my head there man.

3 bands we should check it out?


Che Lingo

404 Guild

What's next for NOISY?

We’ve got a lot of music ready to go and a lot more shows lined up. Let’s hope we actually get to do them haha.


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