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#3 Review: Ruben Dawnson - SAYIMGOOD

Ruben Dawnson is a young artist and producer hailing from in his words “the deep and cold woods of Norway”. The deep and cold woods of Norway have produced a banger here.

Producing all his work from his bedroom dojo, Ruben Dawnson’s latest single SAYIMGOOD is a lofi, genre bending certified tune.

The track begins with some dope jazzy lofi guitar with what sounds like a tele static sample before we’re introduced by Ruben’s clear easy vocal leading us into the hook.

SAYIMGOOD is a lofi hip hop, indie epic

The hook is infectious on this track. It’s not long from the start of the song before we get to the topline “Why won’t you say that I’m good”. Ruben’s desperate plea for recognition from the listener. Lyrically this narrative is carried on throughout. “Why are you so unenthusiastic huh, Why you always gotta be so drastic now, do you think it’s cool to act like you don’t give a fuck about nothing at all”. Perhaps this could be a reflection on the difficulties young artists face nowadays through the sheer oversaturated landscape that being an independent artist takes you too. Long gone are the days where being sick got you through. One would argue that in today’s standard it’s more important to have a presence on social media/good PR than it is so have good songs. A sad and confusing state of affairs for young, talented artists.

Sonically this track is mixed beautifully throughout. The drums hit hard enough to make a difference, but gentle enough to keep in sync with the lofi vibes of this song. It’s clear to see Ruben’s diverse music taste on this track. SAYIMGOOD is a lofi hip hop, indie epic. A track that sounds like the lovechild of Rex Orange County and Arizona Sunset and deserves more recognition.

I have no doubt in my mind that we will be hearing about Ruben Dawnson a lot more in the future. At a young age he’s churning out little pieces of gold every time. It would be rad to see Ruben put together a longer release and experiment with some different musical elements/genres.


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